What Is a Charter Broker?

A charter broker is a specialist agent who leases aircraft on behalf of a client. They receive a commission for sourcing and arranging flights to suit individual requirements such as flight times and dates.

A charter is an unscheduled flight; it is not a flight associated with a regular airline schedule. Rather than buying a seat on a flight, the entire aircraft is available for exclusive use. The term is not to be confused with aircraft broker; an aircraft broker sells or buys aircraft while a charter broker leases space on an aircraft.

A charter broker is a specialist role that ensures the safety, organisation and comfort of passengers, acting as a negotiator between clients and airlines or aircraft owners.

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The Benefits of a Charter Broker

Safety First

The rising popularity of private flights gives rise to a growing number of unregulated charters, so it is vital that you can ensure your and your fellow passengers’ safety. An air charter broker will take care of this for you. They nurture relationships between approved partners and operators to ensure that all certification is correct. They also ensure that they source the most suitable type of aircraft for your flight. A charter broker will be up to date with the latest industry standards and best practice.

A Fair Price

Charter brokers operate independently and do not own an aircraft themselves. As a result, they are much more likely to drive a competitive price when sourcing your aircraft. They offer unbiased, independent advice so you know you are getting the best price possible for your requirements.


There’s no need for lengthy stopovers and busy queues at airport security. Simply arrive at the airport in time for your scheduled departure. Your broker can arrange flights at any hour of the day, on any date and at any airport – even at those that may not usually cater for your chosen destination. Your air charter broker will also arrange catering, take care of crew arrangements and any other requirements you may need for your flight.

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You’re In Control

Arranging a flight can seem overwhelming, however a charter broker helps find the best aircraft for you. For safety, peace of mind and stress-free travel, your broker should be key element in the planning of your flight.

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